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Showing 1 - 10 of 10 products

The HG gold & jewellery shine cloth is ideal for quick and regular removal of “slight deposits” from all gold jewellery and for polishing, without the use of any extra cleaning agents.

HG gold shine balsam removes scratches so that your gold will shine more brightly than ever before.

HG copper shine polish is easy to use, does not scratch and is also suitable for brass and bronze.

HG copper shine shampoo does not scratch and is also very suitable for cleaning brass and bronze

All silver plated articles, from candelabras to jewellery, where the silver layer is damaged or worn thin, can now be quickly and simply replated either partially or completely, using HG silver plating polish, which actually contains real silver.

HG silver & copper polish-no-more-finish, an invisible protective finish is applied which cannot be felt but which combats the oxidation process and prevents dullness and discoloration.

HG jewellery cleaning bath removes this dirt very quickly and efficiently so that jewellery looks shiny clean again.

If silver cutlery or smaller silver or silver plated articles have become dull and dark, they can be cleaned and polished using the super speedy HG silver fast-shine dip.

HG silver shine cream does not scratch and is therefore safe to use on all antique silver objects.

HG Hagesan Silver Shine Polishing Cloth – High Quality Cleaning, Protection