Tyre and Wheel

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Showing 1 - 24 of 24 products

Rolson Auto Road Safety Kit Rolson auto safety kit auto safety kit contents 250PSI mini air compressor light duty jump leads 2M cable

Metal construction gauge, marked 0-100psi (0-7Bar). Includes connector for inflating footballs and other inflatables. 220cc per stroke.

Metal construction gauge, marked 0-100psi (0-7Bar). Includes connector for pumping up footballs and other inflatables. 440cc per stroke.

Heavy duty, 55 x 120mm dia cylinder, rigid tough steel frame. Clear dial pressure gauge in psi and bar.

Plastic barrel ball pump for inflating balls and other small inflatables. Supplied with needle adaptor.

Suitable for inflating dinghies, fenders or tyres. Compact size, sturdy foot.

Small compressor suitable for inflating tyres, dinghies and sports equipment. Supplied with 12V/DC car cigarette lighter plug, 2 inflating adaptor nozzles

Cast aluminium alloy body with heavy duty brass valves. Stick gauge measures from 0.7-8.2Bar and 10-120psi. Overall length 550mm.

High quality gauge with cast aluminium body. Operates between 0-11Bar and 0-16psi. Overall length 650mm.

Suitable for cars and light commercial vehicles. Pressure range 0-7Bar and 1-100psi. Pocket clip. Overall length 140mm.

Suitable for cars and light commercial vehicles. Pressure range 2 - 99.5psi (0.15-7bar). On/off switch and auto cut off. Display psi or bar. Overall length 150mm.

Hand held dual reading gauge with flexible 280mm hose. Large, easy to read scale 0-100psi in increments of 2psi and 0-10Bar in increments of 0.1bar. Overall length 420mm.

Digital depth gauge ideal for checking tyres, brake shoes and hole depths.

Pocket-sized pressure gauge, provides quick, simple method of checking tyre pressure to improve fuel consumption and avoid premature wear.

Two thread restorers clean and repair both outside and inside of most valves. Reamer repairs valve seat, ensuring an airtight fit.

Create easier access to tyre valves through wheel trims.

Includes valve repair and maintenance tools, neatly stowed in compact plastic storage box, solves most tyre valve problems. Essential for vehicle tool kit or garage.

Pack of 4 dust caps that protect valve against exposure to dirt and dust and avoid potential for flat tyre.

Screws onto cap threads of valve, allows application of leverage against wheel rim for even pull and correct fitment of tyre valve.

For quick removal or installation of tyre valve inserts. Robust steel shaft with corrosion-resistant plating. Durable plastic handle.

Quickly repairs small holes in tubeless tyres for 'off-road' vehicles only. Includes: T-handled reamer and insertion tool, 30 adhesive sticks, rubber cement, tyre pressure gauge and repair patches

Hexagonal 4 sockets on one tough handy tool for added versatility.

Compact metric L-shaped double-end socket wrench. Open hole on angle socket end allows access to nuts fitted onto protruding threads. 6-point socket head.

Dual function. Robust steel pry-bar for removing trims, with large rubber hammer head to safely refit them. Corrosion resistant coating and durable plastic grip.